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The Mod has been born!

Welcome to the MinePG Wiki! The wiki has been containing 29 articles, and 40 files since the wiki has been founded! Feel free to email The Team with suggestions, bugs!
About MinePG

MinePG is a RPG Minecraft mod that adds all sorts of new things to Minecraft! Enjoy a new Class system that allows you to do all sorts of wondrous and magical things! Take on new bosses and explore whole new dimensions as you delve deeper and deeper into the unknown. As you delve deeper into the world of MinePG you will find out more about how the current world came to be...

Find out more when you play it! Download MinePG now!

MinePG is a collaborative effort from the MinePG team.

Herblore will now be implemented.
Partnered With

Kayden Rice
Skype: Ricer890
Email: Kayden.Rice@hotmail.ca
Website: http://doncltdgamedevelopement.webs.com/

Latest Updates

Finished classes. Working on textures
- ModderPenguin

Mod Update

Forge Version: 0.1.0 Alpha
No download for Alpha versions...